Due Rocche Official Trail between Cornuda and Asolo

Due Rocche Treviso
Due Rocche

EN | The Due Rocche Official Trail is the oldest running race nearby Treviso. Brainchild in 1972 of a group of friends, who decided to organize a yearly run race from the Rocca di Cornuda to the Rocca di Asolo. Over the years the race has changed trails and distances but has always been in the hearts of volunteers as well as runners. Every April 25th partecipants gather at the start line, every one with different goals, feeling everybody’s excitement, and being part of the same journey.

Months spent training with friends, who share the same “insane” passion. During the months just before the race, treading those trails on Sundays morning, I realized how much locals are close to each other and to their hills. Proud of these breathtaking landscapes and willing to share them with all of us. We stand on those grooves. Groomed trails, scrupulously cared day after day until April 25th, when they turn into the way to follow for a great finish line.
The uniqueness of Asolo hills is the marvellous background to important work of arts: the impressive Temple of Canova, the
World War trenches and observation points towards the river Piave are scattered along the trails. A disused lignite mine testifies a thriving economy. On the slopes of Maser you can bump into a UNESCO sites, Villa Barbaro, a splendid Palladian villa next to the Temple, the last work of Palladio. Up to the city of a Hundred Horizons, where its fortress overlooks one of the most beautiful villages Italy: Asolo.

It’s not a track just for grueling races up and downhill, where to chase the precious seconds on the stopwatch. But it is a dive into the deepest heart of our land, in our recent and past history. While the genuine and pure spirit of several volunteers keeping active this tradition, binds us even more to this event. The best way to thanking them is to partecipate in the running race.

I bet you want to subscribe, don’t you? Choose among 6km, 12km, 21km, 48km or the historical 14km walk from Asolo to Cornuda and then free your mind from stress and just start dreaming.

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